**We cannot receive text messages, so please CALL US at (330)893-2722 for fastest service. You can also Contact Us via our contact form, but calling will still be faster.**

Here at My Home Puppies, we do not pre-screen our customers, but expect and trust them to provide our furry little friends with excellent, loving care. Through the years we have met many very nice people, and we consider them our friends! It is so good to have the assurance that they are going to a loving and caring home!

Please read our Health Guarantee that comes with any puppy adopted from us before making your deposit.

Please note: We are required by the State of Ohio to charge and collect sales tax on all of our retail puppy sales, unless the puppy is shipped or delivered out of Ohio.

*We accept payments through Paypal, Credit Card, or cash only*

Deposit Policy:

Deposits to hold a puppy are $206.00. Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE. Deposits are always available to transfer to a different puppy if available, or to a future litter (but only if there is a health or genetic issue with your puppy). We will contact you if this would be the case.

Picture Policy:

PLEASE do not ask us to send you additional pictures. We employ a professional photographer to take pictures of our puppies. Because of this, please understand that the pictures you’ll see on our website are all the pictures we have at the current time. In some cases we will update the pictures of certain litters after some time has passed. If this is the case, we’ll be happy to let you know.


If you would like more information about how we care for our puppies and their health, please contact the veterinary clinic we and nearly all of our breeders work with:

East Holmes Vet Clinic
(330) 893-2057

Health Guarantee

We certify that the puppy you purchase is in sound health at the time of the sale to the best of our knowledge. We do our best to provide your family with a happy healthy puppy.

We cannot control the exposure your puppy encounters after leaving here. Puppies sometimes stress when adopted and move to their new home. This stress can be brought on due to the move, change of diet, too much handling or not eating properly. This stress can bring on things that are dormant such as but not limited too; worms, ear mites, colds, hypoglyamia, coccidia, and giardia. These conditions are all treatable and do not warrant a reimbursement.

Any congenital abnormality or genital condition deemed to be breeder’s fault will be warranted for 1 year from puppy’s date of birth, with a signed letter from the diagnosing veterinarian. If any life threatening health problems are found at the time of the exam, please contact us immediately. Puppy needs to be returned with a written statement from your vet. If puppy should die within 72 hours of purchase an autopsy from a state vet lab is required. If for some reason you cannot take care of your puppy or cannot keep it any longer please return the puppy to us. **DEPOSIT ON YOUR PUPPY IS NON-REFUNDABLE