Availability: Available to Adopt!

Birthday: 2.12.24
Available: 4.08.2024
Gender: Male

Puppy Mother

Ava AKC Havanese 12 lbs. (2)

Puppy Father

Nico AKC Havanese OFA heart. knees. hips. LCP. eyes (1)
Microchip #: 8086 Category:

Meet Lucas, our adorable AKC Havanese with a heart as big as his sparkling eyes. His sleek, coat is irresistibly soft, inviting endless cuddles. His playful spirit lights up the room as he enthusiastically explores every nook and cranny, tail wagging with uncontainable joy. His intelligence shines through in his quick grasp of commands, making training sessions a breeze. Yet, when the day’s adventures wind down, he transforms into a cuddle expert, snuggling close with a warmth that melts away stress. As he grows, he promises to be not just a pet but a cherished family member, ready for a lifetime of shared moments and unwavering companionship.

The handsome Dad is a handsome fella named Nico, there is never a dull moment with him he has a love for exploring and playing fetch. Nico weighs 9lbs and has his OFA certifications for eyes, hip, heart, and knees. The Mama is adorable girl named Ava she takes such good care of her puppies and has a super friendly personality. She weighs around 12lbs and has her OFA certifications for eyes, heart, and knees. We offer a one-year health guarantee with each of our puppies, and we get our vet to do a nose to tail vet check before they leave for forever homes. All pups microchipped, are up to date on all vaccines and dewormer and come with their AKC registration. For more info, or to schedule a visit please call anytime, Monday through Saturday. – Irma 330-893-2722

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