Already In Love!

After searching for several months for the perfect puppy I found my home puppies website. I was skeptical about purchasing a puppy online but called to ask questions anyway. Irma answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease so we purchased a little cavapoo named Isabel. We picked her up in northern Ohio from Henry who was awesome , brought her home and renamed her Ruby. She has been perfect! She has a sweet temperament, learns quickly and gets along great with our 7 year old shih poo. We had her checked by the vet within 2 days of bringing her home. Our vet was impressed by Henry’s records. She did unfortunately have asymptomatic giardia but my vet says she’s seeing so many puppies with it right now that she checks them all. Ruby had a small abdominal hernia which Irma told me about at my first phone call. We have already had it fixed when she was spayed and she is doing great. My vet has reassured me that I have a wonderful puppy and I agree. We are in love with her already and could not be happier.

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