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My Home Puppies is a family-owned puppy breeder based out of Millersburg Ohio. Since 2009 we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to place wonderful puppies into loving homes all across the United States.

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In addition to selling our own puppies, we also help a couple other top-quality breeders we know and trust find homes for their puppies. By combining our resources and experience with theirs, we’re able to offer a selection of healthy, happy puppies for nearly every family.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. We will do our very best to answer all of your questions and are happy to provide references and suggestions if needed.

We are committed to providing loving families not only with wonderful companions, but with the information they need to make the right choice for their circumstances. We take personal service seriously, and we think that shows in our reviews and testimonials. We’d be delighted to see your story added there as well!

Feel free to explore the rest of our site and hopefully become more aware and confident that My Home Puppies is here to offer you the best puppies around!


About My Home Puppies

My Home Puppies is a USDA-licensed puppy breeder located on an 8-acre old homestead nestled in the beautiful, peaceful rolling hills of Eastern Holmes County in Ohio, an area known for its excellent home-style restaurants, lovely craft shops, and the world’s finest handcrafted furniture. Also located on our farm is My Home Guest House, which we rent out nightly.

We are a family of five, and we are all kept very busy with all our duties. On our farm we have horses, ponies, cats, and of course dogs and puppies! What is more precious than family around a fire on a quiet evening, singing spiritual songs and glorifying our Great Maker?

We hope next year to have our first litter of red standard Poodles. We all enjoy working with our puppies. Our #1 goal is to go above and beyond in terms of customer satisfaction and being honest and just to everyone. We entrust our customers to give these little fur babies wonderful forever homes!

We had our first puppy born to us in November 2009. We started out with AKC Yorkies, and then AKC Havenese as well. In 2014 a breeder inquired about us doing his retail sales for his large-breed puppies, and that’s brought us to where we are today! At this time we are doing sales for a number of reputable and licensed breeders. This includes both small and large breed puppies.

Before reserving a puppy, please read our Policy page.

Thank you! We are looking forward to having you come visit us or the breeders we do sales for. God Bless!